Lido di Volano, Naturalistic Lido, between beach and nature

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The Lido di Volano is much naturalistic, with a wonderful pinewood and a mirror water of the Comacchio's Valley.

The name Volano born of a branch of the river Po, once was a little village of fisherman, today is a quite place for great holiday.

Lido di Volano is great for who want to get of the sports!

In the touristic quay there is a association that lease tools for the water-sport, there are sports's event and it can to give informations on the zone.

In lido di volano the beach is long and with a soft sand.

Lido di Volano has a beautiful pinewood, there are excursions with the horse, birdwatching and little towers where you can to watch rare and protected birds.

Behind of the Lido di Volano there is Valle Bertuzzi that is included "Ramsar's Convention" as international wet zone.

This zone is rich of pink flamingos and white Egrets and other birds.

Near this Lido there is the "bosco della Mesola" a big woods and the ancient monastery abbey of Pomposa.

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