Holiday's Info Adriatic Coast - Lidi Di Comacchio - Italy

Holiday apartments and villas for rent in the sea to the Adriatic coast-Beach of Comacchio

Holiday houses in Comacchio - holiday apartments in Comacchio-italian Adriatic Coast

Comacchio’s lidi are excellent sites for vacation; it’s got some of the most beautiful Italian beaches, with a great pinewood and lots of opportunities for entartainement.

Lido Estensi is the pearl of lidi di Comacchio, adriatic coast of Emilia Romagna in Italy, with its fine pinewood, a big sandy beach and a beautiful boulevard with shops and restaurants. A fine place for your vacation

Lido di Spina is a very nice touristic site on the adriatic coast of Emila Romagna, italy, with a beautiful sandy beach and a big pinewood. A fine place for your next holiday with your family

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