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Comacchio is one of the most appealing and seducing historical little town of the Po delta. It was first built in the middle age. it all started with 13 little islands and its inhabitants who survived by taking what the sea could give. Then Comacchio received Spina, as an heritage, after a long struggle with ferrara and ravenna, lords and popes
the main activity is fishing, in the sea and in the several lakes, ponds and channels that give Comacchio the nickname of "small Venice".  
Relationships with Venice were not always easy though, du to the ambition of comacchio to produce salt, wich put Comacchio end Venice in competition.
Comacchio has not changed much since. Its channels, buildings and bridges makes it a unique place were people have a strong awarness of their roots and a deep pride of their history.
A perfect place for your holidays on the adriatic coast

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