wi fi internet free Lido degli Estensi

free wifi Lido degli estensi


Lido degli estensi free internet

How to register to DELTAWEB WI-FI line

-You have to open wi-fi lines


-you will find Deltaweb wi-fi line


-Enter Deltaweb wi-fi” and you will be linked to Deltaweb site where you have to register on “Nuova registrazione”:

you Name , Surname

you Mail

your telephone number


-When you register your personal infos, you will receive an SMS (ON YOUR PHONE) about your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

(do not erase from your memory card this SMS , you are going to need it everytime you have to join the wi-fi linee.


-Insert username and password inside the deltaweb section registration site.


Enter “OK”


Close the site and start your free internet navigation.


-The free navigation is available FOR 2 HOURS PER DAY only along Viale Carducci and Viale delle Querce.


-Everytime you want to use or stop the free navigation you have to log in and log out to turn the Wi-Fi lines off.


-if you join “Deltaweb” througt section site “Via Facebook” you will have OTHER 2 HOURS navigation free!!



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